This is my first Blog

Hey everyone, this is my first blog so for a few entries at the start, i am most likely going to stumble a little bit so I do ask that you forgive me in advance.
My rant to start with, I would like to talk about our tools, The computer and the internet along with our super cell phones – are they a good thing or a bad thing?
It is true that computers with the internet have saved us hundreds of man hours with our jobs, and the phones with internet and text abilities allow us to work where ever we are. Internet allows us to look for a match and date without going to search personally, more time saved and more time to get the next job started. BUT… are we any healthier because of these tools, and what of our personal social skills? Do we know how to talk with each other any more? or what of our respect and manors with others.
It is my belief that we have become to reliant on our tools and don’t know how to do our jobs without these computers, we don’t know how to meet or talk with people unless we are looking into a screen. Manors have gone by the side of the road as well, we don’t care what we say to someone, as we are hiding behind a screen and keyboard.
I mean really, what can they do to us? TALK WITH THE CAPS ON? and what of health? well we are outdoors a lot but we are sitting, slow walking while typing and dare I say it? Driving while typing. Where is, what ever happened to our exercise and our powerful immune system that most of us had enjoyed in the past.
One last thought, there is predictions of a huge solar flare going to head our way, and this will interrupt our airways, telephones, satellites, internet and all forms of electronic communications and our credit cards and debt cards, banking as we now know it. How will we cope when this interruption lasts months and even for years? Can we cope? or is this thought just an other Government scare tactic that somehow gouges more money from us and really has no merits at all – Just one of my thoughts for the day.